Managers & Employee Engagement

“Employee Engagement IS Your Employment Brand”                                                                                           …Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte

What is Engagement and Why Does it Matter?

When employees are engaged they are doing the type of work that is strategically aligned with their strengths and competencies. They spend the majority of their participating in the type of work that generates energy, passion, and commitment. Engaged employees are supported, resourced, empowered, and encouraged by a larger organizational culture that understands that “employee engagement is their employment brand” (Bersin, 2014). Talented, motivated, and creative people will “break down the doors” of businesses that have a reputation for high levels of engagement.Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 6.14.58 PM

Engagement matters because disengaged employees have a major impact on the bottom line. The Gallup Institute found that 30% of the U.S. workforce is engaged in their work. The other 70% which Gallup calls not engaged and actively disengaged costs the U.S. an estimated $450 billion to $550 billion annually.* Looking at engagement through a global lens, Gallup notes that, “the world’s GDP is US$60 trillion, and that figure will grow to US$200 trillion in the next 30 years. Simply put, the global economy will have US$140 trillion worth of new customers. Competing for those customers will be the “World Cup” for world economic dominance.”**

Engaged employees make an incredible contribution to the bottom-line because they are motivated to bring all their talents, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and commitment to bear on their work. Why? Because they work in a culture that makes the pursuit of engagement a daily occurrence.

Engagement is Great for Business:

Businesses should be concerned with paying significant attention to employee engagement because raising engagement levels increases well-being, happiness, morale, and productivity. When a company seriously pursues strategies and tactics that address and positively impact engagement, employees spend the majority of their time doing work that is aligned with their strengths, interests, and expertise.

These companies create environments and spaces where employees can maximize creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving. Engagement-friendly organizations pay careful, ongoing, and immediate attention to how their employees are engaged, the factors that diminish engagement, and taking steps to remove the obstructions to engagement.

Engagement Fuels and Energizes the Human Spirit: 

2163Integer believes that effective and sustainable engagement strategies begin with an understanding of and appreciation for the way human beings are valued and supported. Engagement is both a means to an end and the end itself. This is to say that raising the level of engagement is great for business “and” it is fuel that energizes and animates the human spirit.

Indeed, while management execution includes effective planning, leading, organizing, controlling, and staffing all of these principles must be preceded by the way managers engage their followers. If a manager wants to engage her team, she first needs to understand what drives human beings to bring their best to work each and every day.

Engagement is about more than Creating a Positive Workplace. It’s about Culture:

This is the main reason Integer’s training with managers addresses employee engagement as the foundation upon which effective management practice is built. It has been proven time and time again that when managers disregard engagement and move straight to accomplishing the work of the organization, performance and morale suffer. When companies do try to impact engagement levels, they often address the wrong issue by seeking to adjust the work experience rather than focus on employees as human beings.*** Simply put, a short term, quick fix effort to engage employees, if that approach is not a part of a larger, system-wide effort to prioritize engagement, will ultimately fail.

How Integer’s E+6 Platform Helps Companies Build and Sustain Engagement Levels:

Because addressing engagement is first-and-foremost about an organization’s core values and culture, Integer works closely with companies to help design a system-wide strategy that anchors the philosophy and practice of employee engagement into the DNA of the organization. We use our E+6 approach and training process to work with organizational leaders and managers to implement an employee engagement strategy and practice that is not only sustainable but also a true “value-added” for employees.

For More Information:

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