Coaching for Executives & Managers

Our Philosophy on Coaching:

Maintaining a committment to develop personally and professionally is an ongoing challenging. This is especially true when we feel our success, effectiveness, and even our confidence, has either plateaued or encountered formidable barriers. CoachingEither way, these experiences can steal our sense of value, esteem, and motivation. Integer views these periods not as immovable obstructions but rather as opportunities to be embraced, understood, developed, and leveraged. Our coaching brings an honest, objective, and strategic perspective to the personal and professional development of the individual who knows they need specific feedback and additional resources in order to move forward.

Our Experience:

We know that choosing a professional coach is tremendously important to your career. The complexity in making this choice is compounded when faced with a huge “coaching industry” that tends to over-promise and under-deliver. Because of this, we want you to know exactly what you’re getting when you hire Integer to provide coaching expertise:

  • 30 years of experience working in industry and with industry leaders
  • A deep and broad understanding of personal and professional development opportunities and challenges for organizational leaders, especially C-Suite Influencers
  • Executive research expertise in the cognitive processes involved in self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-awareness, and self-differentiation
  • treesExtensive understanding of and experience in the work of leadership in diverse organizational settings
  • Expert use of individual assessments that measure behavior, work styles, strengths, leadership approaches, and management impact
  • Familiarity with generational issues and challenges in the workplace
  • An understanding of organizational structures, dynamics, and systems
  • A deep respect for the uniqueness of the individual and individual journey

Who We Offer Our Services To:

Coaching consultation services to organizations:

  • We provide coaching services to organizations seeking to establish a contractual relationship with a coaching service that can consistently provide executive-level and senior management coaching expertise on a scheduled or “on-call” basis.
  • We deliver complete training courses and workshops on the process and practices of effective and transformational coaching to groups of managers/supervisors within organizations.

Coaching consultation to individuals within organizations:

  • We offer coaching to individuals who, as part of their performance improvement plan, have been asked by their organizations to select a coach to address a specific area connecting directly to their personal and/or professional development and success.
  • We deliver coaching to individuals who proactively choose, as part of their continuing education and professional development, to work with a coach to support their growth, development, and success within and beyond their organizations.

Coaching consultation to individuals outside organizational environments:

  • We provide coaching to individuals who are seeking a stronger, more realistic work-life balance that addresses personal and professional adjustments connected to habits and goals.
  • We bring coaching to individuals who are working to explore and align personal, professional, and career choices.

Our Areas of Expertise:

 The Leader as Person:

  • Establishing professional purpose and direction
  • IMG_3223Clarifying self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-awareness
  • Defining a personal vision and set of core values
  • Addressing issues, gaps, and opportunities in existing practices
  • Encouraging analysis, reflection, and integration
  • Elevating professional and personal presence
  • Building strategies for professional development, credentialing, and formal education
  • Recovering from professional failures and setbacks
  • Building a team of personal advisors

The Work of Leadership in the Organization:

  • Maximizing influence and impact
  • Enhancing effective and persuasive communications
  • Rowers Rowing BoatIncreasing effectiveness in working with executive colleagues/teams
  • Expanding engagement levels with staff, teams, departments, divisions
  • Establishing and maintaining trust and credibility
  • Aligning leadership style with people and context
  • Building dynamic and empowering relationships
  • Managing anger, reactivity, and conflict
  • Launching initiatives and supporting culture change
  • Exercising accountability
  • Constructively addressing resistance and politics
  • Advancing vision and core values

The Life and Work Balance of the Professional:

  • Leveraging and aligning strengths with vocation and career
  • man-crosses-niagara-falls-on-tightropeBuilding a stronger balance between work and life responsibilities
  • Recovering from professional setbacks or life challenges
  • Developing strategies for building healthy relationships and empowering habits
  • Establishing a board of personal advisors
  • Exploring existential foundations of wisdom and encouragement
  • Identifying a personal vision and set of core values

For More Information:

To discuss how Integer’s Coaching for Executives and Managers could benefit you and your organization, please contact Integer Leadership Consulting at: or call: 253-230-1024.