Values-Driven Culture Change

Integer’s Approach to Values-Driven Culture Change:

Changing an organization’s culture is some of the most difficult and stressful work any executive leader will ever undertake. There are good reasons for this.

  1. First, culture is deeply rooted and grounded in the everyday habits, rules, and norms of the organization some of which are codified and most of which are “unwritten rules.”
  2. Second, the people that operate in the culture are familiar and comfortable with that culture even when components of the culture are perhaps toxic and detrimental to morale and performance. Some of the strongest resistance to culture change, even positive and empowering change, can emerge from the employees of the organization who have grown comfortable with the status quo. It is far easier to deal with what we know rather than the potential threats to our ordered world which are often generated by the unknowns of change.
  3. Finally, the process of culture change takes time and typically way more time than anyone expects. It does not and cannot happen over night, in one week, or one month. Leaders need to be ready for the long haul and persistent vigilance as they advocate for and advance culture change.

Change Begins with Redefining Core Values:

The process of culture change works best when it starts at the heart of an organization’s DNA and moves outward. In other words, the core values and guiding principles that will characterize the new culture must fundamentally drive the change. When senior leaders are committed to the change and when the larger organization understands and is committed to the change, the process can proceed.

We Know How to Strategize and Navigate the Change Process:

We have strong experience with values-driven culture change. We understand the details of the process, how to address organizational resistance, the importance of clear and constant communication, the linkage between transparency and commitment to the initiative, and how to build on successes to advance and institutionalize change.

Areas of Expertise Include:

Para-Military Organizations:

  • Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.21.33 AMWhen a Fire and Emergency Services Department decides to move from a policy-driven culture to a values-driven culture, the process to move forward represents an opportunity for the department to move professional development, empowerment, encouragement, learning, and leadership development to the very center and heartbeat of the department. While polices, processes, and SOPs remain important and critical to operations, the way the department supports and resources its own members become the key to the Department’s effectiveness in serving the community. Integer understands how to work with department administrators, company officers, firefighters, and support staff to transition to an organization that knows, lives, and operates by a clear set of core-values that honors and serves members as well as the people they serve.


  • We understand the challenges facing startups and it begins with identifying the type of organizational culture founders are looking to establish. Though critically important to define at the earliest stages of the organization, founders often neglect or even delegate culture definition to others. Integer knows how to guide startup teams in this critical conversation. Furthermore, we know the process to help teams define and operationalize their core values and guiding principles.

Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Non-profits need a clear set of core values that operationalize the vision and mission of the organization. When these organizations need to adjust their vision because of internal leadership changes, board changes, or changes in the fundamentals of their products or services, redefining core values is absolutely essential to maximize impact and success and to chart the way forward. Integer has the experience and knowledge needed to come alongside non-profit decision-makers and stakeholders to focus the energy, the struggle, the conflict, the possibilities, and harness the hope required to redefine the vision and the organization’s core values.

For More Information:

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