We work closely with organizations to train leaders, managers, and teams to achieve higher levels of trust, communication, and performance.






Leader & Leadership Training:

Whether identifying, developing, deploying, or evaluating leaders, Integer understands the constantly evolving requirements of effective leadership in today’s rapidly changing business environment. We help organizations identify and grow the type of leaders who can influence, motivate, and equip others to maximize their full potential.  > see more

Managers & Employee Engagement:

Managers, at all levels in an organization, profoundly impact employee engagement and, therefore, performance. Many managers fail to understand or appreciate their role in this critical connection. Using Integer’s Management and Meaning training approach, we train managers how to facilitate meaning, performance, and engagement.  > see more

Coaching for Executives & Managers:

Developing and growing personally and professional is an ongoing challenging. This is especially true when we feel our success, effectiveness, and even our confidence, has either plateaued or encountered formidable barriers. Integer views these periods in our personal and professional lives, not as immovable obstructions but rather as opportunities to be seized, understood, and developed. > see more

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Building Cohesive Teams:

We understand that what often gets in the way of team performance are the dysfucntions at work in the team. To help resolve these issues, Integer facilitates the Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams training that addresses these dysfunctions and moves teams to new levels of trust, commitment, accountability, and results.  > see more

Values-Driven Culture Change:

Identifying and integrating core values into every aspect of business operations is both complex and daunting. While many companies define new core values they often fail to integrate those values into the DNA of the organization. As a result nothing changes. Integer helps organizations identify and integrate core values into key and critical areas of the culture.  > see more

Assessment Tools For Individuals, Teams, and Organizations:

Choosing the right assesssment is critical especially when data from those assessments is used for team development, coaching, leadership development, and management training. Integer utilizes the accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly format found in the Emotional and Social Comptenence Inventory (ESCI), the Everything DiSC assessments and The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams assessment. > see more

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The Integer approach

Integer means whole or complete, the opposite of fragmentation. We believe the best leaders and managers possess an appreciation of the whole person — understanding who we are, what we know and how we perform. Whole leaders build trust and demonstrate competence by dint of character and action.