We train leaders and managers to achieve higher levels of performance from staff. Our clients demonstrate an increased capacity to collaborate, innovate and engage.

Leadership Development

Training solutions for executives, managers and teams, tailored to support the organization’s mission and objectives > see more

Management Consulting

Diagnosis of organizational problems by addressing issues of management, communications, ethics, diversity, and employee engagement > see more

Coaching for Executives and Managers

Coaching for executives to close performance gaps, expand leadership capacity and sharpen professional effectiveness > see more

Diversity Training

Teaching managers and employees to navigate sensitive boundaries of diversity with tools that enhance collaboration and mitigate discrimination and harassment > see more

Change Management

Training for executives to design, implement and measure organizational change, using a detailed roadmap to describe overall process and each stage. > see more

Global Management

Coaching in complexity of global management, using tools to improve communications, management systems, workforce diversity, and regional cultural specifics > see more

Watch a video describing the model that informs Integer’s Consulting Approach

The Integer approach

Integer means whole or complete, the opposite of fragmentation. We believe the best managers possess an appreciation of the whole person — understanding who we are, what we know and how we perform. Whole leaders build trust and demonstrate competence by dint of character and action.


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